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CaliFlo Yoga Collective

Class Descriptions

Railroad Square Studio Classes

Railroad Square Divine Donation Flo

Divine Flo is an intuitive vinyasa flow class. Knowing the basics of yoga will make this class more enjoyable. This class is donation only! Your class pass will not be charged, please bring a donation of any amount to class. Each month CaliFlo donates the money collected to folks/ organizations from our community who are in need. Ask the instructor for this month’s charitable cause!

Railroad Square Flo

Get your energy and flow of the day on at our Railroad Square location!

Railroad Power Flo

Lauren Antista teaches flow to make it accessible to a variety of students. Class begins with flowing sun salutations followed by sequenced poses with an emphasis on breathwork, stability and cultivating a sense of present-minded balance of energy and calm. Sequenced poses are followed by balance-oriented and standing poses followed by a final relaxation.

Railroad Noon Flo

Noon Flo at Railroad Square will combine traditional flow and breathwork to energize the practitioners! It’s a mid-morning boost of energy and love, complete with daily affirmations and intentions for the day ahead.

Railroad Meditation with Reiki Healing

Finish your day with a healing meditation that will clear blockages in your body that are holding you back from your fullest potential! We will journey through the seven chakras while affirming our power to ourselves and our bodies. 

Railroad Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, a.k.a., yogic sleep is a deep meditative practice that allows for the student/practitioner to enter a restorative slumber while being awake and aware. One hour of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to four hours of deep sleep. 

Afro-Modern Dance Series

This course is an introduction to Afro-Modern dance. Students will learn
the basic vocabulary and movements of this form with an emphasis on body and spatial awareness, alignment, locomotor skills, and conditioning. Students will also learn about the history of Afro-Modern dance as a performing art. Get ready to dance! Students will have an opportunity to showcase and share their moves on the last day of class.

Contemporary Choreography

This class will explore movement from a core place within the memories and stories that the individual has. This is an exploration for all types of movers to create movement that can be shared and expressed. The class will have a group warm-up and cool down and dancers will be given exercises and movement vocabulary to develop their own dance phrases. At the end of the year we will have an informal showcase at the Railroad Square location with possible performances at the art gallery. 

Railroad Morning Power Hour

Start your day with inspiration and perspiration! With the energetic levels of the morning in mind, we start with a gentle warm up, transitioning into a sweaty moving meditation that combines the dynamic movement and static poses of a Vinyasa based practice.

Railroad Slow Flo and Yin

This class aims to bring deep relaxation to both mind and body by digging deep beyond superficial layersto increase flexibility and regulate the flow of energy. This class begins with breath centered movementwarming the body up and leads into a yin practice where poses are held for longer periods of time, oftenwith the use of props, targeting deep connective tissue and allowing the mind to relax into a meditativestate. Perfect for all levels and a great way to prepare for the week ahead.

Railroad Strength and Soul Flo

Strength and soul flow blends an alignment-based approach and intuitive movement with the aim of developing a deeper relationship with both mind and body. You’ll be guided through breath centered warmup and creative transitions as we follow the traditional vinyasa flow structure. This class will move at a moderate pace to allow for attentive listening to the individual body as well as cultivating loving awareness of our inner intentions. Challenging poses will be met with modification options making this class perfect for all experience levels!

Railroad Mindful Morning Flo

This class will help you to move mindfully through different asanas with purposeful breath work

Railroad Align and Flo

Align your body, mind & spirit to the energy of a new day! This morning flow class offers a little bit of everything, a fusion of both yin and yang to help you start your day refreshed, strongly stretched, and energized. 

Align & Flo is an alignment-based flow class that incorporates and blends elements of Hatha, Iyengar, and therapeutics-based yoga into the Vinyasa flow format. All levels are welcome to this class but first-timers are encouraged to take a Foundations or Basics/Beginners class beforehand so that they can keep up with the longer pose holds and pace of the class. 

Railroad Sunday Slow Flo

End your weekend with this Sunday slow flow asana-based class.  The Sunday slow flow is intuitive and responsive to you, meaning that there is an improvisational element to our exploration of embodiment. With a focus on building strength, flexibility, and calmness to set our vibrations for the week ahead.

Aquarian Clinic Studio Classes

Aquarian All-Levels Flo

All levels flow is a vinyasa-based class that focuses on pairing the movement of each pose to our own breath. Each class will offer a full body stretch with a little extra emphasis on one section of the body or a pose in the asana. This class is a great class, to begin with, if you are new to the practice as well as if you have been practicing for years as it offers a little bit of everything!

Aquarian Rest and Replenish Flo

A deeply relaxing, slow-paced class designed to enhance physical, mental, and emotional relaxation through the use of props and extended holds. This class will assist the student in fully relaxing the muscles, slowing down the mental activity of the brain, bringing attention to the breath, and tuning into our nervous systems healing capacity.

Aquarian Power Flo

This Flo will combine traditional asana and vinyasa flow with Jen’s signature approach to alignment and safe adjustment. She combines a spectrum of postures from basic to advanced, while empowering students to reach beyond their perceived ability in a safe and supportive space.

Aquarian Beginner Flo

CaliFlo Yoga's beginner flo class welcomes everyone! Instructors will focus on anatomy teaching while moving through poses to teach why we do what we do in yoga. It is a playful, fun, hour long class.  

Aquarian Viniyoga

Yogis of all levels of approach practice designed for beginners as well as experienced practitioners who want to take the time to slow down. It will combine elements of Hatha Yoga, traditional flow, and breathwork. This class will leave you feeling open, calm, centered, and refreshed. Perfect for all levels!

Aquarian Ashtanga Mysore Yoga

Mysore yoga is a traditional form of yoga in which individuals learn one-on-one from a teacher a set sequence of poses that they eventually memorize. The instructor provides hands on guidance and teaches the poses to the student, and helps them learn how to deepen their practice and personalize the poses based on their own body and needs. At first, students will just learn introductory poses, but as these poses become comfortable, students are taught new poses, slowly lengthening their practice

Aquarian Prenatal Yoga

These classes will focus heavily on breathing techniques, visualization exercises and specific poses that are designed with mommies to be in mind. Great for increasing strength and flexibility as well as calm the mind during this chapter of your life.  

Aquarian Kundalini

Suitable for anyone in reasonably good health.  No prior yoga experience is necessary.  Practice will meet you where you are by raising your inner vibration through the use of repetitive movement in postures (asana), breathwork (pranayama), hand gestures (mudra), chanting mantra, meditation, and gong bath savasana.  

An invigorating, self-healing modality that transforms the mind-body-spirit synergies through a comprehensive practice that integrates all three in miraculous ways.  Shift your energy, change your perspective, connect to your Inner Self and Source.