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CaliFlo Yoga Collective

Class Descriptions

Monroe Beginner Flo

CaliFlo Yoga's beginner flo class welcomes everyone! Instructors will focus on anatomy teaching while moving through poses to teach why we do what we do in yoga. It is a playful, fun, hour long class.  

Monroe Strech and Flo

Monroe Stretch and Flo with Taylor Ann will work with you and your tight muscles to complement your Sunday Funday! We will work with larger muscle groups by holding postures for longer- to release tightness and stress from the week- and to get ready for the new, wonderful week ahead. Great for athletes and beginners, though all levels are welcome.

Monroe All-Levels Flo

All levels flow is a vinyasa-based class that focuses on pairing the movement of each pose to our own breath. Each class will offer a full body stretch with a little extra emphasis on one section of the body or a pose in the asana. This class is a great class, to begin with, if you are new to the practice as well as if you have been practicing for years as it offers a little bit of everything!

Monroe Flo with Jen H

Flo with Jen H will combine traditional asana and vinyasa flow with Jen’s signature approach to alignment and safe adjustment. She combines a spectrum of postures from basic to advanced, while empowering students to reach beyond their perceived ability in a safe and supportive space.

Monroe Viniyoga

Yogis of all levels of approach practice designed for beginners as well as experienced practitioners who want to take the time to slow down. It will combine elements of Hatha Yoga, traditional flow, and breathwork. This class will leave you feeling open, calm, centered, and refreshed. Perfect for all levels!

Monroe Yin and Yang

Come and learn the Dragon dance. It is a blend of Indian and Daoist yoga designed to stimulate and remove blockages to the flow of energy (prana or chi) through directed awareness, the breath and vigorous movement. It is a whole body workout and will also challenge the ego.

Monroe Yin Flo

Slow paced but intense yoga flo. Postures will be held for 45 seconds to a minute long. This class focuses on static movement, breath work and meditation. Intended to penetrate deep into connective tissue to increase flexibility and invigorate energy centers of the body to release blockages. 

Monroe Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a practice similar to guided meditation that brings the practitioner into a state of consciousness between wake and sleep. "Dream yoga" brings the student to a place of relaxation. All levels welcome.

Monroe Ease into Ashtanga

In this class we will ease our way through the postures of the primary series of Ashtanga yoga. We will focus mainly on sun salutations, standing postures, seated postures of the first half of the series and finish with a closing sequence. For the most part, the class will feature the same series of postures each class so that you can develop an understanding of the postures, learn the sequence, and allow the comfort of the structure to support your mind and body on and off the mat.

Suitable for any level with no injuries or major limitations.

Monroe Rest and Replenish Flo

A deeply relaxing, slow-paced class designed to enhance physical, mental, and emotional relaxation through the use of props and extended holds. This class will assist the student in fully relaxing the muscles, slowing down the mental activity of the brain, bringing attention to the breath, and tuning into our nervous systems healing capacity.

Monroe Morning Power Hour Flo

Start your day with inspiration and perspiration! 
With the energetic levels of the morning in mind, we start with a gentle warm up, transitioning into a sweaty moving meditation that combines the dynamic movement and static poses of a Vinyasa based practice.

Railroad Square Divine Donation Flo

Divine Flo is an intuitive vinyasa flow class. Knowing the basics of yoga will make this class more enjoyable. This class is donation only! Your class pass will not be charged, please bring a donation of any amount to class. Each month CaliFlo donates the money collected to folks/ organizations from our community who are in need. Ask the instructor for this month’s charitable cause!

Railroad Power Flo with Taylor Ann

Join us for an invigorating hour of power flo at Railroad Square. Taylor Ann loves to customize her classes based on her students level and preference. Beginners always welcome and encouraged to come! Taylor Ann is a nurse practitioner therefore her classes are informative with explanations on how poses affect the body and the benefits for postures and breathwork. 

Railroad Power Flo With Lauren

Lauren Antista teaches flow to make it accessible to a variety of students. Class begins with flowing sun salutations followed by sequenced poses with an emphasis on breathwork, stability and cultivating a sense of present-minded balance of energy and calm. Sequenced poses are followed by balance-oriented and standing poses followed by a final relaxation.

Railroad Noon Flo

Noon Flo at Railroad Square will combine traditional flow and breathwork to energize the practitioners! It’s a mid-morning boost of energy and love, complete with daily affirmations and intentions for the day ahead.

Aquarian Evening Power Flo

Evening Power Flo combines flowing yoga poses and breathwork for an energetic, yet balancing mid-week practice for the mind and body. Class includes sun salutations, flow series and a final relaxation. This class welcomes all yoga experience levels and encourages each person to tune in to their body and mind and adjust their practice to their personal comfort level.

Aquarian Low and Slo Flo

This class focuses on static movement and breath work. Intended to penetrate deep into connective tissue to increase flexibility and invigorate energy centers for the body to release blockages of energy flow. Great class for beginners or advanced yogis.

Aquarian Mommy and Me Flo

A fun yoga class for both moms and kiddos! It allows for you (moms) to regain strength and tone muscles with yoga postures while bonding, singing, and playing with your child. Children are introduced to yoga through play with an emphasis on mindfulness. All levels welcome!