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Embody Yoga RYT
200 Hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training

Led by CaliFlo instructor Jessica Clark

January 21st-April 23rd 2023

Price: $2600

*Payment Plans Available, Email

Each Week Includes:

- Asana, Pranayama & Meditation

Group Class each day

- Weekly Yoga Philosophy discussions and sharing circle

- Weekly Quizzes & Coursework Review

- Yoga Theory, Anatomy Labs & Yoga Posture Labs

- Weekly Workshops on specialty topics in yoga and spiritual practice

- Practice teaching experience

-2-6  Hours of course readings per week + 1-2 weekly reading or written assignment


January 21st & 22nd

First in-person weekend

Saturday Schedule:

In class quiz (30 minutes), group practice (1.5-2 hours), and yoga theory on categories of asana and the 8 limbs of yoga (2 hours) + teaching tools and potential practice teaches (30 minutes-1 hour)

Sunday Schedule:

Go over class quiz and weekly recap (1 hour), group practice and pose workshopping (1.5-2 hours), break for 30 minutes, yoga theory on categories of asana and the 8 limbs of yoga (1 hour) + teaching tools and practice teaches (30 minutes-1 hour), and yoga philosophy (1.5-2 hours)

*Note: Some Saturday's and Sunday's will be reserved for specialty topics such as: business of yoga, yoga and healthcare, diversity within yoga, trauma informed yoga, Ayurveda, and more!


Quizzes- 10% of final grade

Online Coursework- 20% of final grade

Final teach out- 20% of final grade

Final exam- 50% of final grade

Student's must receive at least a 70% combined passing grade to complete the program.


Program Description:

The Embody Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training Program is a modern, holistic, & inclusive approach to India's ancient science of Life. As such, we will not only study the physical practice of asana (the yoga poses), but the other limbs  of yoga, as put forth by Patanjali in his 8 Limbed System, as well - yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyhahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi.

In this training program we will focus on alignment based yoga - both inner and outer - as a way of living a fully embodied and powerful life here on Earth during this present day time. In the Embody YTT you will learn a variety of yoga styles, as well as how to teach those styles to any student or client of any body type, background, or level of health/injury.

Over the course of the program, you will have the opportunity to:

* Get to know yourself better and develop more self love and compassion

* Dive deep into both the physical and energetic anatomy behind your asana practice

* Discover & explore your energetic anatomy through study of the chakra & nadi energy systems

* Learn how to take the philosophy of yoga into your every day life (yama & niyama)

* Learn how to teach both public classes and work with private clients

* Learn how to work with a variety of common illness and ailments in private yoga practice & public classes

*Discover the many ways you can bring yoga out into the world, through activism, events, the medical system, and a variety of other healing environments and spaces

For more details please feel free to email Jessica at or the studio at

We look forward to sharing this truly life changing experience with you and growing together. Namaste & Many Blessings!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is teaching the Embody Yoga RYT Program at CaliFlo?

Jessica Clark is an alignment and therapeutics-based yoga teacher that has been practicing yoga for 17 years and teaching for 12 years. Jessica originally came to yoga in an effort to heal several major health issues, including the Scoliosis she had had since a child. In an effort to heal herself, Jessica discovered many different forms of yoga from all over the world and in turn discovered so much about herself emotionally and spiritually. It is these discoveries and this ongoing healing process that ignited her passion to share what she has learned through her own journey with others. Jessica has studied yoga in various locations and received RYT Certifications from schools in both India and in Los Angeles. Jessica taught in Los Angeles for 8 years where she taught a variety of classes and people, an experience and knowledge she is very excited to bring home to the Tallahassee Califlo yoga community. You can find Jessica teaching a variety of styles and levels of yoga that are always infused with other forms of healing and wisdom traditions that she also practices, including - but not limited to - reiki, sound healing, astrology, intuitive card reading & divination. Jessica also hosts Reiki and Yoga certification programs, including the Embody Yoga YTT program that she will be offering at CaliFlo this spring! 

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