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Our Mission

To provide a welcoming and inclusive space for members to focus on revising, refining, and remembering the best version of themselves and their community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a collective that fosters an intersectional and inclusive community. We welcome all in our space, regardless of age, ability, or background. Using a holistic approach to wellness, we encourage members of our community to combine physical strength with emotional and spiritual well-being to create a strong sense of balance. As in the final yoga sutra, Samadhi, we practice moving toward a strengthened sense of togetherness, oneness, and a greater whole.

Our Story

CaliFlo Yoga Collective is the fruition of Taylor Ann Johnson's many years of yoga practice, dreams, and passion for serving others. While living and working in Truckee, California, Taylor began to dream of a yoga studio that was more than a studio. A space that was a home-base for members of it's community. A place to showcase local artists and their work. A place where you could find a variety of yoga offerings for all ages and abilities. A place where love was at the center of the culture and the practice. Combining a California and Florida spirit, CaliFlo was born. 

We will offer a variety of yoga offerings for both children and adults throughout the day, 7 days a week. CaliFlo is a home away from home for anyone and everyone that walks through our doors! We hope you will join us soon.

Please be on the lookout for our grand opening soon!